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Halong Bay beauties from Bai Tho Mountain

Travel to Bai Tho mountain to discover the beauty of the city on the side of Halong Bay and feel the whole beauty of this bay when seeing from Bai Tho Mountain.

# Geographical location

Bai Tho Mountain is one of the most beautiful limestone mountains in Ha Long City. The height of Bai Tho Mountain is about 200m, the highest point of the mountain is mac shaped pointing to the sky, the bottom has many tops, many cliffs, upright cliffs, cat ears rocky. Especially, Bai Tho Mountain is located in the heart of the city, half of the mountain is attached to the mainland, the other half dipped in seawater. Therefore, Bai Tho mountain Halong Bay has an ancient and mysterious beauty.

# Bai Tho Mountain shape

From many angles, Bai Tho Mountain Halong Bay has different shapes: like a tiger waiting for prey or a lion playing quarry and sometimes like a flying dragon.

# Bai Tho mountain – a unique historical and cultural relics
Bai Tho Mountain has Long Tien pagoda lying on a cliff. This is the famous temple of Ha Long city. Have a chance to visit Ha Long, visit Bai Tho Mountain, you should come here burn incense and enjoy the calm atmosphere before the start of the climb.
There is a flag flying on the top of the mountain. The flag was put by a miner in the years of the resistance war against the French, calling for the indomitable spirit of mine workers at that time. Next is a stone inscription engraving the history of the mountain. The front mountain is called “Roi Den” (Truyen Dang Son).

# The beauty of Ha Long Bay from Bai Tho Mountain’s top

Bai Tho Mountain is one of the beautiful spots to view Halong Bay from above. The road to the top of the mountain is located in Hang Noi Street, opposite Cay Thap Street, Hong Gai Ward, Ha Long City. The process of conquering the mountain, you will admire many beautiful sceneries:
- Zoom in on the panoramic view of Ha Long city center from the high with the high houses.
- The splendor of the Sun Wheel and the Queen's cable car.
- The houses sticking to the rocky island - characteristic in Ha Long.
- View of Halong Bay with blue sea, white sand, the wave boat offshore. Each bird’s wing hovering over the sea in the late afternoon to create a spectacular and peaceful beauty for Halong Bay.
- Climbing to Bai Tho Mountain, welcome dawn on the mountain or sunset on Halong Bay from the top of the mountain is a great thing.

# Note:

- Bai Tho Mountain is in the middle of the city so you can watch Halong Bay from the top of Bai Tho Mountain at any time of the day. Add Bai Tho Mountain as a destination for your Halong Bay tour, you can check this website for more information.
- To get the dawn on the mountain, you need to go early at 5am, climbing 45 minutes.
- Equipment necessary before climbing such as low shoes, drinking water, snacks, comfortable clothes.
- Other attractions around the foot of the mountain: The cliffs have traces of ancient poems, vestiges of the telephone lines of the Quang Ninh post office in the anti-American war, Long Tien Pagoda, Ha Long market, Duc Ong temple, ...
Halong Bay travel, visit Bai Tho Mountain to drop into the vast natural space, watching the scenery far away is a great feeling. Save the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain and beautiful memories when climbing Bai Tho.

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