Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Trang An beauties in Autumn

Just far from Ninh Binh city centre 7 km, Trang An complex is 2000 hecta and cover the scenery are forest and hat shape towers with the height 200m, narrow hollow cascades, surrounded by interconnected mountain rivers, intermittent swamps through underground crossings of up to 1 km
The harmony of stone, river, forest and sky in Trang An create a lively natural world full of charm.
Trang An Autumn in the peaceful space of green, different from the summer, a yellow of ripe rice fields.

Coming to Trang An, you will be able to experience the boat ride on the river through the mysterious caves, which are told by boat riders about the life of the boat landing and the mountains of Trang An.

Sao Khe River in the fall less tourists than the festival, so you will feel more peaceful than, sitting on the boat visitor can see the moss of the open air can see the bottom of the river.

Sao Khe River is more beautiful and romantic than when the Lily flowers bloom on the days of October,...
Booking Trang An tours to discover the beauties here where has the scene in Kong Skull Island Film.

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