Friday, 22 September 2017

Where is the world's biggest cave?

Thien Duong Cave Viet Nam is a work of nature, a palace underground located in the heart of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

With a length of 31.4 km, Paradise Cave is recognized as the longest cave in Asia. In the heart of the cave is the stalactite in different shapes, like the hands of the Gods of the order and the name of Paradise Cave thought of from this.
The world of stone wonders was formed over millions of years. Paradise cave Quang Binh can also be considered as the resting place of the Gods whenever they come to the earth. Separation from the outside world brings itself mysteriousness.
Thien Duong cave in Vietnam classic tour is a closed population but still carry the bright sunshine, natural air through small cracks or the sky wells. The feeling of calm, calm covered when coming to paradise cave discovery
"Tay Nguyen Rong House" - the stalactites has the shape of the house will be more perfect than when the wine jar need to put beside. Or Quang Han palace where the stalactites look like the curtain of the fairy or the Quan Tien palace with the complex of Amitabha Buddha statue, Lotus Tower,... with special shapes that under the eyes of each person, in each angle with different shapes.

Come to Paradise cave to experience its mystery and contemplate the beauty of Paradise inside the land and the combination Halong bay trip to explore Halong bay.

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