Friday, 16 June 2017

Dragon Bridge of Danang

Danang City is one of the biggest three cities of Vietnam, known as by tourists all over the world because of its beauties and both romantic sceneries, plus attractive foods, cuisines to luxury resorts along the coastline. Danang is also well known by special bridges which are unique and different beautifully through Han River. Apart from famous bridges such as Han Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge is interested in and loved by tourist because it is the bridge can spit fire uniquely and impressively.

The bridge was built as the architecture of a dragon of Ly Dynasty and as the face to the sea. It shows the aspirations grow stronger and stronger of Danang. The specialty of Dragon Bridge  has six lanes  for transport, and the width of bridge is 37,5m and length is 666m with the unique design of international stature. The expense spent is 1500 billion Vietnam dong
Dragon Bridge  is said the unique one in Danang because  of its sturdy dome structure and weight known as the largest of bridges in Vietnam. The bridge is designed according to the special dome architecture and uses the combination of five steel pipes to decorate the dragon scales, and at the same time the purpose is to lift the bridge. It was built carefully when it was equipped with a lighting system of 15,000 LED bulbs in total

The most attractive thing to tourists at Dragon Bridge is the ability to spray water and fire. However, bridges serve only sprinklers, fire flames on weekends, Saturday and Sundays nights or major holidays of the year. The fire-spraying time is 21 pm, and then followed by a sprinkler water. The number of fire sprays is 9 times, each lasts 2 minutes, while the water spray is only 3 times, but the duration is longer than 3 minutes. To be able to do this, the Dragon Bridge has been built to the level, understanding of talented construction engineers. Danang people are very proud of this bridge.
Dragon Bridge is like a jewel filled the Han River along with other bridges that have created a unique beauty for Danang, especially when the night comes. Coming to Dragon Bridge, visitors will feel its unique and fascinating with majestic beauty which is very different from other bridges in Vietnam, because there is nowhere a dragon can spray water, spray fire as Dragon Bridge. Therefore, tourism Rong Da Nang Bridge has become one of the most attractive and shouldnot be missed when coming to Da Nang.

If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang - through the Da Nang Tour or travel self-sufficiency, you should visit the Dragon Bridge to admire and see its beauties, because it is not only the famous bridge in Da Nang with the unique ability to spray water and fire, but also to say that this is the unique bridge of Vietnam.

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